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Howdoo is an innovative instant messaging and social media platform, built on the blockchain. Howdoo offers a ecosystem designed to let people take control of their digital footprint, to get rewarded for their creativity, and to share in the revenues generated by their actions and contribution. The platform will put users in control of their digital footprint, so they know what their data is being used for and by whom.

ΜDoo micropayments give content creators and influencers a fair share of revenue while also rewarding good behavior and enabling tipping between users. Users (sic) are trying to throw adverts at people, and users are trying to block it in any which way they can.

It's a social media landslide that i think HowDoo will drag it ip to the modern age and lead the way. Content creators who are responsible for driving traffic across the platform can be rewarded. One of the world's leading crypto influencers talks user expectations, market forces, and the Howdoo network.

The user can then also benefit by receiving a share of the overall returns by the advertising campaign they have viewed on the social network platform, ‘providing a revenue stream for the user,' or even have the option to switch off ads altogether. Featured listing packages available, including direct access to our partners to support the growth of your ICO, token and blockchain technology.

A total of $65,000 in uDoo tokens will be given away in prizing. Howdoo is asking us to imagine and support a social media experience that does not monetize your personal data and content for the benefit of a few owners and shareholders. Users can choose to receive a lot of advertising for maximum rewards, for example, or they can choose to receive no advertising to receive no rewards.

Howdoo, a decentralized social platform for users, content creators and advertisers. As a Howdoo μDoo user, you will be in complete control of the advertisements you are exposed to. You can select maximum ads for maximum revenue, or no ads for no revenue. Howdoo is a messaging and social media platform that is designed to give users better control over their digital footprint and advertising they receive.

Howdoo plans to hold a token sale for µDoo tokens in the future. Unlike traditional social platforms, Howdoo allows me to go ‘stealth', which means I can stay in touch with everyone without losing control of my private data and having this used for unsolicited advertising.

DAVID BRIERLEY: In essence, it won't … from the user experience, it won't be dissimilar to the other centralized social networks out there today. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with any of the social media platforms.

Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain-based social app Howdoo today announces details of its token sale, which will officially launch on the 2nd May 2018 12pm GMT. Howdoo is in my opinion kind of a combination between Facebook, Whats App, Instagram and YouTube - all in the same decentralized social platform.

Howdoo gives back control to content creators and enables them to earn while socializing with friends and others. HowDoo is a platform that's designed to revolutionize the current social media landscape by inspiring a de-centralized approach to sharing and consuming content as well as all associated transactions.

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